Weekend planning

A typical effort in weekend planning includes lots of time planning for food and meals, like most people.  I’m a very social person, I like going out, I like having my kids participate in fun local events as well, and see friends at places and cookouts.  


Today there are three options for activities that potentially involve food we can’t eat.  I can pack my own food and bring it to two of these, and limit my kids yet again to not eating anything other people bring (which also limits my budget a bit,) but one of the activities is food related and we might not be able to participate at all.  I’ve decided that instead of going and asking lots of questions and wasting everyone’s time again, I will simply not attend this event, but write to them instead and see if there might be any non GMO options currently, or if they would consider it for the future.  

COOKIE DECORATING (free) and PIZZA MAKING ($10) at the local and very awesome Atkins Food Market in South Amherst…

This is the draft of a note I’m about to send them: “


I love Atkins Market and would love to bring my children there for Children’s Day. I regret to share that I likely will not be doing this today, due to my desire to avoid in my diet and the necesity of avoiding them in mine. I have Crohn’s Disease and it seems to be either very negatively affected by or possibly partially or even fully caused by some, many or maybe even all GMO ingredients. I also like to avoid artificial coloring for my kids, MSG and HFCS in general. It has been very hard to enjoy mainstream activities like this for me, I usually either end up asking lots of questions and not getting clear answers, or I cave and let my kids eat stuff that might be harming them.

I’m pretty sure the cookies you will be serving will have some of the ingredients in them. Artificial food coloring makes a lot of kids hyper or even extremely ADHD. My own kids seem to have these sorts of reactions to foods that contain these ingredients. And, because they have a genetic connection to me, and some of my kids are already showing signs of intestinal issues, I intend to keep GMOs and these other ingredients out of their diet as much as I possibly can.

So I’m writing to ask for information – when another family / children’s day comes up – I’m wondering if I might be able to bring my kids and give them GMO free / chemical free options for things like cookie and pizza decorating? If that is not currently an option there, is it an option you would consider?

My younger kids are 4 and 6, and I would love to participate in local activities like this with them and also keep them healthy in the way that I have been intending to. Also, as their mom, it would be nice if I could try to sample a bit of the food they are creating, and not have to avoid it completely.

I would call and ask these questions, but I’ve already spent hours in the last couple weeks asking questions about food when eating out or at activities and events, and it’s become both exhausting and depressing. I have yet to find a fun food option for kids that is 100% GMO free, and I don’t wish to put my kids through listening to me have yet another one of these conversations.

Thank you very much!”

– I think it could be shorter and perhaps a little more friendly.  Or even a bit more clear in WHAT GMOs are and how hard it is to avoid them.  I also think that there are likely GMOs used IN food coloring.  Any tips for how to write letters like this – I’d welcome! Thanks!

The other two events are :  A Taste of the Caribbean Jerk Festival in Hartford, CT and a much more local Cookout that is benefitting the NAACP.  If I head to the Festival, I will bring my own food and ask questions about what they are serving, I will definitely want to try the food there if I can!  It’s definitely on the “con” list of going, though, as usual.

None the less, I intend to have an awesome and amazing day, even if it entails not socializing too much.  I had a few plantains last night at a fundraiser that were cooked in canola oil.  Met with my gastroenterologist Thursday and he increased the amount of meds I should be taking.   I don’t want to be aggravating a condition and treating it at the same time, but I wish I knew 100% what was causing this.  I used to think it was mostly corn and soy but now have to wonder about the canola too… I will see, and make my best educated guess, as usual!

 – Have an AWESOME Saturday!  – L


PS – 

Also wrote to Silver Diner in VA – well at least on their FB page –

” I ate at the Silver Diner in VA and there was nothing on the menu I could eat that was GMO free except for a salad (without the dressing.)  The advertisement of “local” and “natural” led a family member of mine to believe I could likely eat there.  I have a strong sensitivity to most GMO foods and oils.  I also have crohn’s disease, so the symptoms / reactions are extreme and the health stakes are high for me.   Apparently only GMO soy oil is used to cook EVERYTHING, including the fresh local organic veggies.  There was not even an option like “can you please use olive oil to cook them instead”.  This was somewhat amazing to me.  Even the salad I got – had some meat / cheese in it – the animals were “grassfed” (but also – GMO corn grain finished…).  There have been signs of GMO organisms in humans after eating meat or dairy made from animals who have eaten GM grain as well.  I don’t know how cautious I need to be, but I need to be as cautious as possible.  I had brought my own dressing and was able to eat the salad, but I had REALLY wanted the trout!  (I think it was walnut encrusted).  I’m writing to ask if you would consider offering olive oil as an option to cook things in – instead of GMO soy oil (“vegetable oil”).  I would be willing to pay a little extra for this option as well, but a reasonable amount, likely .25-.50 cents more.  Thanks for letting me know!  “


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  1. mamaleigh16 Post author

    Atkins Farms wrote back to me and suggested I write to them at least a few days in advance of their next event, they’d like to see what they can do to accomodate my kids and me. Nice. I don’t know if I will be that organized to do it! We will see!


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